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Brexit outside and inside

Brexit outside and inside By Nick ShawInternational Regulatory ConsultantcosmeticsinMind Brexit – from the UK Responsible person for cosmetic products. The government issued back in 2018 several Technical Guidance trying to cover certain aspects of Regulations present...

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Cosmetics borderlines update

Cosmetics borderlines update  By Irene Zaldívar Notario Strategy & Business Development ManagerZurko Research SL  When we are referring to borderline products, we must remember the definition of the cosmetic products according to the current regulation (article 2...

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CCE WG Safety Assessment meets with RWTH

CCE WG Safety Assessment meets with RWTH-Aachen, Germany | 17. Dec. 2018 The goal of this meeting is to create several training programs, which will involve several industry sectors (packaging & packaging materials, cosmetic processors, etc). As...

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CCE participates at EU Working Group on Cosmetics Brussels

CCE participates at EU Working Group on Cosmetics Brussels, Belgium | Mon, 10. December 2018 Annelie Struessmann, Remco Schade & Raphael Sauerwein, CCE’s newest member and legal advisor attended the EU WG on Cosmetics meeting in Brussels. As one of CCE’s founding...

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Turkey: beauty and personal care potential explained

Burak Ayan Turkey: beauty and personal care potential explained Turkey is a rising market for cosmetics and a high number of products sold are imported. This guest article reveals all the regulatory issues around the market. Burak Ayan, consultant with Ayansan...

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Cosmetics And The Environment

Dr. Annelie Struessmann CONUSBAT Regulatory Services, In-Cosmetics Asia Bangkok-2018 Most countries worldwide nowadays have cosmetics legislation in place; some regulatory frameworks were implemented or amended only recently. The laws are addressing the safety of the...

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