Membership criteria CCE‘s membership is available to individuals and to consulting firms as well as European companies, professionals and national associations working and offering solutions to the cosmetic industry.

Paid members must be located in one or more of the EU member nations and being engaged in the providing of services towards the cosmetics industries and their supplier industries in one or more European countries. Members shall be invited to participate in the meetings of the General Assembly of the CCE with voting rights. They may also participate in any other activities of the Association. Eligibility shall be defined in accordance with the present Statutes.

Associate members are those operating in nations outside of the EU and engaged in providing services towards the cosmetics industries and their supplier industries. CCE’s Board is empowered to define the activities to which the associate member will be invited to participate without voting and eligibility rights except in specific cases as defined by the Board. Admission as a member is subject to a decision of the Board. Members must also agree to support the mission, objectives and activities of CEE and comply with CCE’s Statutes.

CCE Members

AM Consultancy, Belgium
Ms. Anne Marie Lambert

AM Consultancy specializes in GMP Audits for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries. AM Consultancy verifies whether the drug or cosmetic manufacturer and/or their suppliers work in accordance with GMP & its guidelines. Additionally, AM provides GMP consultancy activities as well, evaluating the current adopted compliance standards and procedures. It assists with the implementation of corrective and preventative actions or additional procedures subject to compliance.

Ayansan Chemical Consultancy, Turkey
Mr. Burak Ayan –

AYANSAN is a consultancy organization and provides services in the chemical industry on regulatory affairs, legislation compliance and analysis services complying to the Turkish and the EU legislations. Our team which consists of experienced professionals support clients by providing them with the most essential and the best knowledge.
AYANSAN keeps up with the changes in the Turkish and the EU regulations. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality works, always on-time at affordable prices. For the cosmetics industry, we provide a wide range of services such as responsible person, Turkish Reach (KKDİK) services, Biocide Registration services, SDS authoring, PIF authoring, Cosmetic Safety Assessment authoring, GMP compliance rules, Regulatory Affairs, labelling review and claim support.

Bellssan Asociados Healthcare S.L., Spain
Ms. Paula V. Lomazzi

Bellssan Asociados Healthcare is a consulting company that provides support for cosmetic industry in Regulatory Affairs, GMP’s, in accordance to ISO 22716, Cosmetic Product Safety Reports, PIFs, CPNP notification, labelling compliance, product development from the idea to placing in the market. Our team is made up of professionals with high technical management experience in the field of cosmetics and R&D as well as qualified Eurotox experts.

Bibra Toxicology Advice & Consulting, UK
Mr. Pete Watts • Ms. Ashleigh Ace

BibraToxicology was founded (as the British Industrial Biological Research Association) in 1961 to provide independent, high-quality research, information and advice on chemical toxicology and health risk to industry and governmental departments. BibraTox has a >50-year record of objectivity and scientific excellence. All of the senior scientists in the current team are accredited and listed in the European and UK Royal Society of Biology/British Toxicology Society Registers.

BIT-Beauty, Spain
Dr. Isabel Ramos

BIT is a full circle solution – we discover, conceptualize & innovate beauty while anticipating the market and staying steps ahead of emerging trends. We specialize in creating and redesigning advanced beauty concepts that provoke, disrupt and shift the market. This is what we call “Beauty Intelligence”. Experts in successfully creating, developing and positioning brands and products within the world of beauty and wellness, Bit Beauty Intelligence is a global creative agency recognized for its professionalism, extensive experience and keen multidisciplinary approach.

Cabex, Spain
Mr. Badr Rais

Cabex specializes in cosmetology, detergents and regulatory toxicology. In coordination with I.E.C. Espagne, it provides to its customers a scientific and technical service at European and an international level that covers all the manufacturing chain from the development of new projects to the launching into the market, as well as the cosmetovigilance follow up.

CCR GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Dr. Uwe Rossow

CCR is a consulting company mainly focussed on services for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. CCR provides support in regulatory compliance, product safety and raw material clearance. Also, we support companies inimplementation of new legislation and optimization of processes, conduct in-house trainings and act as publicly

CeWay Regulatory, Slovenia
Mr. Tadej Feregotto
CeWay is a regulatory consulting company providing testing and regulatory services, including the EU Responsible person services, for the cosmetics industry. Our main services include product information file preparation, safety assessments, labelling review, CPNP notifications and CeWay acting as the EU Responsible Person for cosmetic products.
Consultoría Industrial Cosmética (CIC) SL, Spain
Mr. José Calomarde
Consultoría Industrial Cosmética (CIC) provides cosmetic regulations, GMP, and formulation development for cosmetic products.

CONUSBAT Regulatory Services, Germany
Dr. AnnelieStruessmann • Mr. Steven L. Hanft, M.A.

CONUSBAT is a regulatory service provider with expertise dealing in EU legislation for cosmetics, personal care, fine chemicals & borderline industries. We perform safety assessments, dossier filing (i.e., PIFs), maintain substance inventories and act as the Cosmetic Product Responsible Person (RP), REACH Only Representative (OR). Working with world-wide strategic partners, we also provide compliance services for global product stewardship.
Cosmeservice, Spain
Ms. Angela Guerra • Ms. Inmaculada Gamero
Cosmeservice is a global company specializing in cosmetic safety and regulation. We offer support and advice to cosmetic companies worldwide, which plan to market their products in the EU and the role of Responsible Person. Based on a customer oriented philosophy, Cosmeservice strives to adapt to each new product and offer a comprehensive service

cosmeticsinMind, Spain
Ms. Ana Rocamora

cosmeticsinMind is an innovative Barcelona, Spain-based firm with its core services focusing on creating & developing tailor-made cosmetic formulations for Fortune 500 as well as SMEs. Additionally, our ‘team of experts’ provides cosmetic GMP, GDP, European Cosmetic Regulation and international regulatory advice
CosTec, Netherlands
Mr. Remco Schade
CosTec operates as an independent product developer with a private R&D facility and a large know-how. CosTec performs and assists in GMP-audits and pre-audits by ISO 22716 and is able to act as the Responsible Person (RP). Also provides CosTec general consultancy services to manufacturers and retailers of cosmetic products, for example: Safety Assessments (CSA), PIFs, CPNP registrations.
C&U Assessors, Spain
Ms. Celia Campos • Ms. Gemma Uroz
C&U Assessors is a regulatory consultancy and administration firm specialized in legal and technical advice for healthcare products both European and internationally. Our clients are fully supported in every regulatory activity, from the setting up of the facilities until the market surveillance through the registration and testing of each developing product. We are focused in two main activities: medical marketing and clinical affairs for healthcare products (Cosmetics, Medical Device, Food Supplements) and International regulatory affairs, helping companies in their import-export activities.
Decernis, USA/France/Germany
Robert Fellous • Ruud Overbeek

Decernis’ solutions and services help retailers, distributors, brands, manufacturers, and suppliers of products in meeting the complexity, risk, and compliance of a global market.
Manufacturers and processors today face the need to ensure compliance with the regulations of every country in which they do business in order to achieve growth and increase speed-to-market. Decernis was founded in 2003 to respond to the challenges faced by complying with the complexities of global regulations. Decernis delivers global systems solutions and expertise to support compliance, safety, and risk management through a combination of global research, intelligent systems technology, Big Data

DLM, Brazil
Ms. Claudia de Lucca Mano
Founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil (1999), De Lucca Mano (DLM) was conceived to provide advisory services on Brazilian health regulatory affairs consulting. In 2004, its owner was hired as an exclusive lawyer for an importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products, consolidating her position as a leading expert in pharmaceutical legislation with focus on the pharmacies market. Claudia has lectured worldwide on Brazilian compliance, including In-Cosmetics.
Dr. David Melumad, Ms. Michal Melumad, Chem.

Established in 1997 and located in Israel, DRMLX offers a comprehensive array of services:

  1. Registration of cosmetic products in Israel.
  2. EU regulation – Preparation of detailed safety assessments, PIF’s, and notification.
  3. Labelling review and evaluation of PAO.
  4. Conduct stability tests.
  5. Skin and hair products development from concept to finished product.
Gabinete Técnico Farmacéutico M. Camps, S.L, Spain
Ms. Mercè Camps-Miró
GE&AL Independent Expert Bureau Ltd., Latvia
Ms. Alla Selina • Ms. Gela Selina
GE&AL Independent Expert Bureau Ltd. works in registration and notification of Cosmetics and Food Supplements. Providing compliance services according to the Latvian authorities, we prepare Safety Assessment Reports, PIF, Labelling and provide consulting according to European legislation in this field. The company also acts as an RP (Responsible Person) and offers access to laboratory testing.

Gott-Projects, Israel
Marcelo Gotthelf

Located in Israel. Provides the following:

  • Formulating and Developing cosmetic products
  • Consulting in GMP-audits and pre-audits by ISO 22716
  • Registration of Cosmetic products in Israel
  • Responsible Person
  • Tailor-made solutions for manufacturers and importers

Hygade, Denmark
Mr. Jørgen Hyldgaard • Ms. Mette Hyldgaard

HYGADE’s goal is to educate and grow the next generation of cosmetic chemists (in Scandinavia, which is our focus area). We provide cosmetic consultancy and education. Our base service is safety assessments, cosmetic safety reports and GMP-C. We help our customers to choose markings and help them to achieve such. We have been certifying for NATRUE – now cooperating with BioInspecta in Switzerland on NATRUE-certifications.
Info-Care, Netherlands
Mr. John van Wegen
Kosmetikon, Spain
Mr. Pere Adell Winkler
IT Specialization for the cosmetic sector
P.N.G. Stidio, Cyprus
Ms. Natallia Laurenava Georgiou
Located in Nicosia, Cyprus, P.N.G. Stidio includes research,management and development of various cosmetic products as well as performs Safety Assessments, compiles Product Information Files (PIFs) and provides Notification to the CPNP.
Lota Beauty System, Belarus
Ms. Liudmila Kalatskaya

 Lota Beauty System specializes in development and manufacturing of cosmeceutical products for professional use. It includes peeling treatments, hyaluronic serums and high quality cosmetics for salon care. We use only time-tested, high-tech components from the cosmetic industry.

S&C Consulting, Poland
Mr. Patrick Gonry • Ms. Dorota Wojtowicz

S&C Consulting provides the following:

  • Formulating & developing cosmetic products
  • Designing innovative raw materials for personal care • Supporting distributors & sales departments with tailored training programs
  • Providing safety assessments and compliance support for EU, USA, Canada & other nations

SkinConsult, Netherlands
Mr. Folkert Blok • Mr. Alex van der Burgh

SkinConsult is an ISO 9001:2015 certified regulatory consulting company aimed at compiling safety assessments and PIFs (incl CPNP) for cosmetics. Furthermore, we can also act as the Responsible Person (RP). With a strong focus on dermatology, other SkinConsult services include cosmetic claim support, and clinical evaluations and clinical testing for medical devices.

SPI Americas, Colombia
Mr. Alvaro Rincon

Zurko Research, Spain
Irene Zaldivar

ZURKO RESEARCH is a centre for clinical and in vitro evaluation, testing the safety and efficacy of cosmetic and cosmeceutical products, as well as medical devices. We are committed to these following fundamental principles, which drive our business model:

  • personalized advice, service & fluent communication
  • optimum quality throughout the work process
  • speed of response
  • tailor-made solutions for innovative statements

We count on experienced renowned professionals, as well as a wide clinical team of dermatologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, gynecologists, dentists. Zurko’s QA designs and develops all the studies in accordance with the principles of GPC and GLP.