Membership criteria CCE‘s membership is available to individuals and to consulting firms as well as European companies, professionals and national associations working and offering solutions to the cosmetic industry.

Paid members must be located in one or more of the EU member nations and being engaged in the providing of services towards the cosmetics industries and their supplier industries in one or more European countries. Members shall be invited to participate in the meetings of the General Assembly of the CCE with voting rights. They may also participate in any other activities of the Association. Eligibility shall be defined in accordance with the present Statutes.

Associate members are those operating in nations outside of the EU and engaged in providing services towards the cosmetics industries and their supplier industries. CCE’s Board is empowered to define the activities to which the associate member will be invited to participate without voting and eligibility rights except in specific cases as defined by the Board. Admission as a member is subject to a decision of the Board. Members must also agree to support the mission, objectives and activities of CEE and comply with CCE’s Statutes.

CCE Members

Angel Consulting
Angel Consulting
Angel Consulting
eicken safe cosmetics
ICPSSL - Iwo Cosmetic Products Safety Solutions Ltd
Angel Consulting

Adiato Baldé Cosmetics Academy Ltd.  UK
Adiato Baldé


Adiato Baldé Cosmetics Academy Ltd is a cosmetic consultancy company that offers cosmetics safety, compliance and regulatory services to the public in the EU and the UK.
The main services provided are the creation of Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR) and Product Information File compilation support.
The company is based in the UK.

Angel Consulting

Angel Consulting.  Milano, Italy
Dr. Matteo Zanotti Russo
Dr. Bruzzone

Based in Italy Angel Consulting plays the role of consultants towards companies, associations, trade commissions, and Ministries of Health worldwide. Its core activities are PIF/CPSRs, CPNP registration, role of RP, GMP compliance (including assistance to certification, (Manufacturing Chain Auditing, Cosmetic Survey training/procedures/management, Training and Teaching, Regulatory Support to Research Projects (Life and H2020 frame programs).

Training programs on Safety Assessments and GMP: big companies (C.mpliance CPSR Academy), Cosmetica Italia, Universities (Genoa, Siena, Rome-Tor Vergata, Shenkar College-Tel Aviv, Israel).

Angel Consulting

BELAB Services.  Spain
Daniel Jimenez, Advisor & CEO

BELAB SERVICES is a cosmetic regulatory service provider with offices in the European Union (EU) & United Kingdom (UK). We act as the Responsible Person for both the EU & UK, doing PIF and CPNP/SCPN registration.  

Furthermore, we provide Medical Device registration in both the UK and N. Ireland under UKCA marking & Europe Technical Files under new MDR regulations.   

Additionally, we work with OTC US-FDA registration, and through our global network of partners we service the Chinese, S. Korean and Latin America markets. BELAB’s staff is fluent in Spanish, English & Korean.

Mr. Ben Teoh, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou
People’s Republic of China

Services provided by Ben Teoh

  • Cosmetic Regulations for China, ASEAN & the European Union
  • Claims Protocol Design/Substantiation
  • Safety Assessment, Quality Checks, GMP Inspection

Ben Teoh’s Professional Experience


  • Worked on projects with companies in establishing UK manufacturing facilities and increasing capacity for operations in China (PRC)
  • Establishing REACh substances inventory, performing safety assessments for EU & US Markets
  • Development R&D capabilities for international firms interested in the Chinese market
  • M&A activities, Technical transfer
  • Co-operations with Foreign companies wanting to expand or enter China market

BIT-Beauty, Spain
Dr. Isabel Ramos

BIT is a full circle solution – we discover, conceptualize & innovate beauty while anticipating the market and staying steps ahead of emerging trends. We specialize in creating and redesigning advanced beauty concepts that provoke, disrupt and shift the market. This is what we call “Beauty Intelligence”. Experts in successfully creating, developing and positioning brands and products within the world of beauty and wellness, Bit Beauty Intelligence is a global creative agency recognized for its professionalism, extensive experience and keen multidisciplinary approach.

care and science, Germany
Ms. Ute Wollenweber, Managing Director

Based in Bonn, Germany, we offer a wide-ranging expertise in the Personal Care sector
specialized in natural and sustainable products with a holistic approach.
We are working close with our customers and partners starting from product development to products’ launch.Our services include:

  • Development of Formulations, their planning & performance
  • Evaluate Efficacy Studies
  • Marketing and Sales of cosmetic ingredient such as Texturizers

Working globally, care-and-science works with SMEs as well as Fortune 500 companies

CCR GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Dr. Uwe Rossow

CCR is a consulting company mainly focussed on services for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. CCR provides support in regulatory compliance, product safety and raw material clearance. Also, we support companies inimplementation of new legislation and optimization of processes, conduct in-house trainings and act as publicly

CES Consultoría, Spain
Sra. Carmen Esteban Sanchidrián · Directora
+34 656 581 422
c/Pedro Rico 31 – 9K
28029 · Madrid · Spain

CeWay Regulatory, Slovenia
Mr. Tadej Feregotto
CeWay is a regulatory consulting company providing testing and regulatory services, including the EU Responsible person services, for the cosmetics industry. Our main services include product information file preparation, safety assessments, labelling review, CPNP notifications and CeWay acting as the EU Responsible Person for cosmetic products.

Consultoría Industrial Cosmética S.L., Spain

Mr José V. Calomarde – Director, Consultor Técnico Cosmética
+34 629343173

Consultoría Industrial Cosmética (CIC) provides cosmetic regulations, GMP, and formulation development for cosmetic products.

CONUSBAT Regulatory Services, Germany
Dr. AnnelieStruessmann • Mr. Steven L. Hanft, M.A.

CONUSBAT Regulatory Services provides compliance services on EU regulations for cosmetics, personal care, fine chemical & borderline products.
Globally, we possess strategic regulatory partners to support the full requirements of our clients and offer these services to both Fortune 500s as well as SMEs:
• Safety Assessments, PIFs, Label reviews, Substance Inventories, Dossier & Registration Filing
• Cosmetics Safety Assessment Online Training Modules (in conjunction with CCE)
• Representation: REACH-Only Representative (OR) / CPR-Responsible Person (RP)
• International regulation research pertaining to specialty ingredients, fine chemicals

Cosmeservice, Spain
Ms. Angela Guerra • Ms. Inmaculada Gamero
Cosmeservice is a global company specializing in cosmetic safety and regulation. We offer support and advice to cosmetic companies worldwide, which plan to market their products in the EU and the role of Responsible Person. Based on a customer oriented philosophy, Cosmeservice strives to adapt to each new product and offer a comprehensive service

cosmeticsinMind, Spain
Ms. Ana Rocamora

cosmeticsinMind is an innovative Barcelona, Spain-based firm with its core services focusing on creating & developing tailor-made cosmetic formulations for Fortune 500 as well as SMEs. Additionally, our ‘team of experts’ provides cosmetic GMP, GDP, European Cosmetic Regulation and international regulatory advice

Mrs. Nuša (Nusha) Caf, Msci., Director

COSMETING is a regulatory company specializing in providing guidance
on claims, required testing, borderline products and offering a streamlined
approach for entering the EU market with these 4 simple steps:

  • CPSR (safety assessment)
  • Label check,
  • PIF creation,
  • CPNP notification
Crystal Derma, Belgrade, Serbia

For more than 20 years, Crystal Derma has been one of the leading cosmetic
processors on the Serbian market, and our products conform to EU regulations and ISO
9001, 22716, 45001 & 14001.

From product development to testing, and based on knowledge and expertise in the
field, Crystal Derma provides regulatory support and consulting services related to
compliance with EU cosmetic regulations.

Dr Becker Consulting, Sinzig (south of Bonn, near Remagen), Germany

Dr. Becker Consulting specializes in product development and regulatory services within the personal care industry. As a dedicated formulation lab, we bring your visions to life and then to market.
Our services encompass the entire product development process, from concept to formulation to full regulatory compliance for the EU market. With Dr. Becker Consulting, clients benefit from expert technical know-how, reliable regulatory expertise, and a keen eye for all the little details on the way.

Dr Steisslinger Consulting, Germany
Alpenstrasse 2
D-78333 Stockach
Tel. +49 7771 649 1207

Scientific and Regulatory Advice for the Cosmetics Industry.

ECOGEA Institute, Slovenia
Nataša ŠpanMSc Microbiology
M.+386(0) 40 324 565

ECOGEA Institute for quality & innovation of Natural / Organic Products.
Our services for the EU market (27 member states) include:

  • Cosmetic regulatory consulting
  • Safety Assessments according to the CPSR incl. PIF preparation, label check, CPNP notification, etc.
  • Laboratory testing
  • Responsible Person (RP) Representation
  • ECOGEA Cosmetic product certifier: Natural & Organic
  • Full implementation for GMP
eicken safe cosmetics

eicken safe cosmetics, Switzerland
Dr. Ulrich Eicken, Managing Director
T. +41 77 266 84 19

eicken safe cosmetics business services:

  • CPRS according to EU and Switzerland (non-EU nation) legislation

  • CPNP notifications, PIF creation

  •  Safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients used in cosmetics

  • Safety assessment of packaging materials, espec. for post-consumer recycling

  • cGMP advice

If you want to market beautiful & effective cosmetic products, think of me, because I keep you safe and legal!

GE&AL Independent Expert Bureau Ltd., Latvia
Ms. Alla Selina • Ms. Gela Selina
GE&AL Independent Expert Bureau Ltd. works in registration and notification of Cosmetics and Food Supplements. Providing compliance services according to the Latvian authorities, we prepare Safety Assessment Reports, PIF, Labelling and provide consulting according to European legislation in this field. The company also acts as an RP (Responsible Person) and offers access to laboratory testing.

Hygade, Denmark
Mr. Jørgen Hyldgaard • Ms. Mette Hyldgaard

HYGADE’s goal is to educate and grow the next generation of cosmetic chemists (in Scandinavia, which is our focus area). We provide cosmetic consultancy and education. Our base service is safety assessments, cosmetic safety reports and GMP-C. We help our customers to choose markings and help them to achieve such. We have been certifying for NATRUE – now cooperating with BioInspecta in Switzerland on NATRUE-certifications.
ICPSSL - Iwo Cosmetic Products Safety Solutions Ltd

Iwo Cosmetic Products Safety Solutions Ltd. (ICPSSL), UK
Mabel U Iwobi (Ph.D). Director

Iwo Cosmetic Products Safety Solutions Ltd. (ICPSSL) is a consultancy business with specialism mainly in the fields of cosmetics and chemical consumer products safety. Based in the United Kingdom, in addition to the EU, the company has worldwide (ASEAN, Canada, SASO / Gulf States, USA, etc.) toxicology and safety assessment capabilities of cosmetic products, and with related work (e.g. PIF, Labelling / Label Review, CPNP, RP, etc.).
Other areas of work experience include EU general products safety, single ingredient toxicology reports and safety assessment of chemical toys and household products.

knoell Germany GmbH, Germany
knoell Germany GmbH is a full service provider supporting you in all phases of registration, from planning right through to market launch of your product and beyond. It is our mission to ensure that your products are in line with the latest developments within each regulatory area – not only in Europe, but on all continents.
Founded in 1996, knoell provides support in global market segments related to animal health products, biocides, chemicals, cosmetics, crop protection and nutrition products, food and food contact materials and medical devices. Our strength is to be where it matters: with sites in Europe, Asia, the Americas with an extensive network of partners, we combine global know-how with local experience and intercultural knowledge.
Kosmetikon, Spain
Mr. Pere Adell Winkler
IT Specialization for the cosmetic sector
Lota Beauty System, Belarus
Ms. Liudmila Kalatskaya

 Lota Beauty System specializes in development and manufacturing of cosmeceutical products for professional use. It includes peeling treatments, hyaluronic serums and high quality cosmetics for salon care. We use only time-tested, high-tech components from the cosmetic industry.

MUTTU Cosmetic Lab , Spain
MUTTU Lab is a regulatory consultancy and administration firm specialized in legal and technical advice for healthcare products both European and internationally. Our clients are fully supported in every regulatory activity, from the setting up of the facilities until the market surveillance through the registration and testing of each developing product.
We are focused in two main activities: medical marketing and clinical affairs for healthcare products (Cosmetics, Medical Device, Food Supplements) and International regulatory affairs, helping companies in their import-export activities.
P.N.G. Stidio, Cyprus
Ms. Natallia Laurenava Georgiou
Located in Nicosia, Cyprus, P.N.G. Stidio includes research,management and development of various cosmetic products as well as performs Safety Assessments, compiles Product Information Files (PIFs) and provides Notification to the CPNP.
SCC Scientific Consulting Company GmbH, Germany

SCC is a consulting company offering scientific and regulatory services for chemicals, cosmetics, consumer products, biocides, medical devices, food contact materials, pre-clinical testing of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and biorationals. All the business units are equally supported by professionals with deep expertise in regulatory compliance, toxicology, ecotoxicology, and related disciplines.

For cosmetics, SCC provides comprehensive support for EU regulatory compliance, product safety (safety assessment), raw material clearance, and CPNP notification. It is specialized on the development of SCCS dossiers for regulated cosmetic ingredients such as e.g. UV filters or hair dyes and other active ingredients. SCC services also cover e.g. the entire spectrum of tasks for REACH (incl. Only Representative), registration and defence of active biocidal substances and dossier preparation for biocidal products.

SkinConsult, Netherlands
Mr. Folkert Blok • Mr. Alex van der Burgh

SkinConsult is an ISO 9001:2015 certified regulatory consulting company aimed at compiling safety assessments and PIFs (incl CPNP) for cosmetics. Furthermore, we can also act as the Responsible Person (RP). With a strong focus on dermatology, other SkinConsult services include cosmetic claim support, and clinical evaluations and clinical testing for medical devices.

Taobé Consulting

Taobé Consulting is a European Cosmetic Regulation Consultancy. Their expertise lies in the registration of cosmetic products from A to Z, including the assessment of the formula, the creation of the PIF, the review of the labels and the claims, the notification on the CPNP as well as the responsible person service.
They strongly focus on the customer’s satisfaction and define themselves as fervent believers in the fact that a well done job is the most efficient advertisement that exists.
They count amongst their customers innovative start-ups and industry game-changers.