Who are we?

Cosmetics Consultants Europe (CCE) is an association uniting European consultants & others working in the cosmetic, personal & consumer health care products, fine chemical/cosmetic ingredients and borderline industries towards providing greater representation with EU agencies, authorities & industry. CCE is meant to represent & defend common interests in scientific, technical, regulatory, business and legal affairs. Our Association was notarized under Belgium law in January 2016.

CCE has these following goals:

  • To increase the visibility and better recognition of consulting professionals in the cosmetic sector
  • To find solutions for problematic issues facing our members, in particular those affecting scientific, technical, regulatory, legal, financial and institutional as well as those relating to European and/or international business cooperation.
  • To promote & defend its members ethical collective interests without involvement in their own activities;
  • To represent its members against third parties, in particular in relation with all public and private organisations, and to defend their general interests.
  • Furthermore, the Association will seek recognition by organisations of relevance to its objective and mission and will seek to be recognised as a NGO at the EU, and shall act as such.

CCE‘s membership is open to European companies, professionals and national associations. For more information on our membership click here to join CCE


  • To provide our members with a united voice towards EU agencies and authorities.
  • To inform our members with comprehensive information on the cosmetic industry & related issues.
  • To promote, represent and defend common interests in scientific, technical, regulatory, economic and legal affairs as well as in marketing and communication.
  • To provide its members with a reliable platform in Europe for information exchange and manage innovative opportunities from different sources.

Vision & Values

  • To take the responsibility as an ‘interlocutor’ between government officials and cosmetics consultants.
  • To provide high quality standards of services, expertise and professional conduct to the cosmetics sector.
  • To insure CCE’s client’s with total satisfaction, transparency and support.
  • Exhibit quality & integrity
  • Initiate further research, development and innovation
  • Develop a global perspective
  • Offer collaboration for joint projects